Intellectual Property

Be Yourself Jewellery fully respects intellectual property laws and rights of third parties. Our company operates a strict zero-tolerance policy against counterfeit and/or infringement of intellectual property.

Our policy is to review listings on our site and items that are found to violate this are removed immediately.

We work with multiple suppliers and supply a high volume of products from across the world, despite our efforts to avoid any infringing products there may be times in which we cannot/haven’t detected or identified intellectual property infringements. We ask that our customers or any property right holders to cooperate with us. If you believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed, please let us know about it and bring to our attention.

Eligible complaints

Trademark Infringement

Unauthorised use of an identical or similar trademark on goods which are identical with, or similar to, the goods for which the trademark is registered.

Patent Infringement

Unauthorised use of others’ granted Design Patent or Utility Patent.
Copyright Infringement

Unauthorised use of the content or photos created by others or sell others’ copyright works, including books, CDs, software, etc.


Any other activities identified or bought to our attention that violate Intellectual Property Law.

Complaint procedure

You can submit a complaint to us by

Once received we will conduct a fast internal investigation, and should your complaint be accepted, we will take actions against the alleged infringing listing/s as mentioned below.

Actions taken

We will do everything within our power to ensure the immediate removal of the offending article(s) and will look at taking the following action:

● To remove from our website the alleged infringing listing/s.
● To inform the seller about your complaint and to provide to them with your information, so that you both can clarify the issue.
● To remove selling privileges and to withhold funds from the infringing sellers, as well as to destroy infringing inventory in our possession when the infringement proved to be true or upheld by court.
● To cease trading with the infringing seller in case of three (3) wilful infringements.
● To terminate the user account of the infringing seller immediately, under certain extreme situations where lawsuit has been filed against ZAFUL due to seller’s infringing activities, or ZAFUL is required by judiciary, enforcement or administrative authorities to terminate any account or take any similar measures.

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